maddox 1 year old

So I went to my parents over the weekend to drop off some of my stuff that I have that I need her to store. I have a bassinett that I had that she needed so I am letting her borrow it for a bit.

Well Maddox my nephew was over there since his mom and dad were camping. I got to spend so much time with him. He is getting so big.

I brought this bassinett over to my mom’s and Maddox kept trying to get into it. I kept telling him he was a big boy and that it was for little babies.

He didn’t care obviously he got his way! Look at that face! I can’t say no to him!

We went to my cousin’s breast cancer auction. There were a ton of people out to support her it was nice.

Then I went home to spend time with Justin. We cleaned the house all day on Saturday and Sunday was relaxation day.


2 responses

  1. Stephanie

    This almost made me cry… I am not sure why but it just does. I cannot believe that this is real. I cannot even imagine the emotions you are facing everyday right now. Beth you will be such a wonderful mom! I just cannot believe that this day has finally come. I just love you and Justin so much! I wish we had more time to do things… but for now… I enjoy reading all your blogs… and I LOVE THESE ADORABLE OUTFITS!

    October 13, 2009 at 10:29 pm

  2. Wendy

    Hi Beth,
    This is weird, I actually met you at an ANB information meeting way back when. I was there with friend – we both had adopted babies the year before (if that helps ring any bells). Anyway, you made a comment that night that about that you’ve already waited several years, whats a couple more… I just wanted to let you know that that comment was an answer to my friends prayers (she struggles with the waiting part and she said you helped put it all in perspective).

    I found your blog from the ANB site. I had been looking at the ANB online profiles to help me figure out how to do our own. I’m so excited for you guys. We have just started our “wait time” and it’s awesome to see it happening for other people.

    Congratulations and good luck. Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat with another adoptive mom in an open adoption.

    October 15, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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