Friday night we didn’t do much at all we just stayed around the house and relaxed.

Saturday Justin had to work so my mom, sister and little Maddox came over in the morning and off to Babies R Us we were. We went shopping for a bassinet. I have been looking all over for one and just couldn’t decide. Here is a picture of the one I finally got!


I love it! It is nice and light too. We have a two story home and the baby’s room is all the way upstairs. So this will be perfect for her to sleep in downstairs. She is going to love it.

Saturday night we made homemade spaghetti. I love spaghetti. We didn’t end up eating it because we wanted to save it for meals for the week but it was good! We wanted to go camping but since Justin had to work we camped in the back yard!

back yard fire

back yard fire2

It was great. Where we have this fire pit is tucked back in the corner and it felt just like we were camping. The smell of the wood and camp fire were awesome. You couldn’t really hear anything else. The wind was blowing so it kind of drowned out the noise. Then we went and slept outside in our 5th wheel for the night. We had so much fun.

Sunday we got up and had biscuits and gravy homemade by Justin. They were so good. We headed off to a new church were Justin’s boss was preaching at. He is an amazing amazing amazing preacher. Wow every time he speaks he just moves me so much. I tear up everytime. Great Man, great leader, and great friend. After church we headed out to our friends house for lunch. Justin cooked up 10 pounds of chicken wings. Oh my they were so good. Everyone loved them. Our friend Josh made homemade onion rings and potato chips that were to die for. Great lunch. Then it was off to Justin’s parents house for dinner.


irene dinner

Here is grandma Irene. One of the most amazing women you will ever meet. Love her so much.

mary dinner

This is Mary Justin’s mom! She was so excited to have everyone over. She went out and bought a new tablecloth and made this really good pear cake. Yum Yum. Robert his dad is an amazing cook. He loves to cook. He made us fish and chips that he caught on the Oregon Coast this summer. You never walk away hungry from there at all!

Her yard is amazing it looks so nice right now. She is really big into landscaping and gardening. She has a huge pond that is so nice to go and sit by. The colors are awesome this time of year there. Couldn’t get a picture it was too dark for my camera phone.

Overall we had a great and busy weekend!


One response

  1. Karine

    I love the bassinet! SO beautiful. She will be a little princess 🙂 I can’t wait to see her in it 🙂
    You guys are going to ROCK as parents! Campers and roasting marshmellows. This little girl will be the best girl scout out there 🙂 She will be a natural 🙂 SO FUN!

    October 26, 2009 at 6:27 pm

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