To our family and friends…

Justin and I are doing ok over all. We are hurting and we have a lot of unanswered questions that we may never have the answers to. We just are taking things day by day. This weekend we went to McCall for a get away. We needed to get away from here and just be alone. Here are a ton of pictures from the weekend.

I have had to sit back and really look at this situation that my husband and I are in right now. We are truly blessed with the support and the prayers of our family and friends. Most of all we are lucky to look at each other at the end of the night and know that we have each other. At the end of the night this is what means the most. I have asked myself truly so many questions. My mother in law sent me amazing uplifting email that has got me thinking even more. I have taken bits and piece of what he had said on his website and put it into my own words. When I face hard times I drop off the face of this earth. I don’t talk to people I try to take care of things on my own with out involving others. I don’t like to see others hurt or in pain because of something I am going through. Some people would like to run away as quickly as possible to escape it. Though this is a normal feeling, God has a different way. We may not understand or see his plan. I have sat back and said to many people I want people who are not a God fearing person to look at me in this low point in our lives and ask us WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? I want to be able to show them that my God did not put me through this, this is free will. I want them to be able to see what MY GOD is going to do for me and show that even though it is a tough situation I trust and need him more than ever right now.

It is not the trials in your life that develop or destroy you, but rather your response to those hardships. It is the tough times that make you stronger in the Lord and a stronger person. I have a lot of pride but I know that I can not live a life with out the Lord and there is NO shame in that. This email talked about things to do when we are so overwhelmed and feel like we have been left behind.

Trust God even though this can be the hardest thing in the world to do when you are down or you feel like you are getting punished for something. Believe that God knows what he is doing. Just look at all the miracles and all the times that he has carried your through from your past. He assures us that He limits our trials and enables us to endure. He will not put you through something he can not pull you through.

Persevere, You may not understand the why’s or the reasons but you should never give up. Continue seeking the Lord through His Word and prayer. I have been told so many times to cling to hope in Christ, and praise Him in the midst of the pain. This is the hardest thing for people to do. He is all that you have and all that can carry you through. If you can’t trust in the Lord and you can’t believe that he will carry you through… Then who will?? Usually it is too big for your self to carry you need him.

God is in control. He’s allowing free will for a reason and will demonstrate His sustaining power through it. Even though the pain might feel intolerable, the Lord will prosper us. Scripture compares our growth to gold, which is refined through fire (1 Peter 1:7). I got this verse from the amazing email and I looked it up on line! Love having the BIBLE on line so that I can just look it right up. Often, I hear believers reflect on a difficult time and admit that despite the intense hurt, they wouldn’t change the situation. They see the beauty God created through the struggle and realize its value. It makes you who you are today. It gives you character and strength…it is who you were meant to be.

We will encounter difficulties—sometimes intense and painful trials that seem too much for us. Yet we can rely on our heavenly Father to deliver and grow us in ways we could never imagine. He doesn’t demand that we endure on our own, but He does allow us to respond and trust him.

Thank you to all of our family and friends for the support and the prayers. Please continue to pray for our little one to come home and for us to find our miracle.

Justin and Beth


3 responses

  1. stephanie

    always in my heart Beth! I love you guys…

    December 14, 2009 at 8:19 pm

  2. Karine

    AMEN! Girl you said it! God put you thru it, he WILL SEE YOU THRU IT! Your amazing and your faith is too! You will be blessed with a little girl soon. I know it! God has a child in store to be yours for forever! He wants you to be parents. He knows your abilities and what you have to give to children! I say CHILDREN, because you will have a big family some day! YOU and JUSTIN are amazing people!!!
    I love the trip you took. BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 I am glad you got away. We are praying for you guys. Praying that your birth mother will find you and choose you soon! 🙂

    December 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm

  3. Your time alone with each other is very special, to get everything out and focus on a new begining, a fresh new start. There is a little one out there waiting for you two. God does have his hand around you both. Its now time to put your faith in his hands. We love the both of you and are very proud. You will be wonderful parents. love you both

    December 14, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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