So our weekend was a good but bad weekend.

Friday was a good relaxing night that we had just took it really easy and enjoy ourselves.

Saturday really was a horrible day for us. We went out to my parents house to go and say good bye to my little dog Yogi. I got Yogi as a graduation gift from my aunt in 1999. He was an amazing dog. When Yogi was a puppy he got ran over by a truck and it broke his tail and caused hip damage. His tail actually was dead… well at least half of it. The bottom half you could pinch and he wouldn’t even feel it. Over the years Yogi hasn’t let it slow him down. Last year we went camping and wow he was just giving it his all like he knew it was going to be his last year of camping and chasing squirrels. His hind end and his hips no longer could keep up with him. He would take about 3 steps across the floor and would have to stop. He was dragging his hind legs now. He would just sleep all day long since he couldn’t get up and move. My family thought it was time so we took him in to be put out of pain. It was so hard to do. My mom and I just sat there and held him and said good bye. He actually had a lonely tear come out of his eye. It was so horrible so I just cried all day Saturday and felt like crap. We will miss you so much Yogi bear. You will always be in our hearts.

Rest in peace yogurt… Mamma loves you. WE WILL ALL MISS YOU.

Sunday we got up and Justin decided to smoke some wings for the family! Got to love the smoker. After smoking them we BBQ them up and ate every single one of them. Mom brought and large salad that was so yummy. My whole family was over and wow we thought we were going to have left overs. I was wrong and underestimated how much my family (the boys) could eat! Justin is such an amazing cook it is hard to stop eating anything he makes! So they all stayed for lunch and desert which was a homemade apple pie made with love from Justin’s grandma Irene! Here is dad playing with Maddox and putting a dog toy on his head. He would make a really cute girl!

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Here are some updated pictures of the new additon Kelby our little cousin!


One response

  1. Karine

    Sorry for your loss.
    I love what you have done to your blog! Love you guys!

    February 4, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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