Christmas was amazing! I don’t think I have ever felt so blessed in all my years. This year there wasn’t a present under our tree for Justin and I from each other but we didn’t need actual presents. As we sat by the amazing Christmas tree holding our Christmas presents in our hands… OUR KIDS. That is all we wanted for Christmas. We have prayed and prayed so much for these little blessings and God has answered our prayers. Over this holiday season I have sat by the tree holding my babies and just cried. Thanking God for loving us and blessing us. Last year we didn’t even put up a Christmas tree. No lights, no presents, no holiday spirit. We had just went through a failed adoption and it just didn’t feel like Christmas. This year I felt that Christmas was just extra special. It was meant to be. I love to look back and see how God works in our lives. The things that we went through and the events that lead up to us getting our babies. It is just so amazing.

Every night we thank God for our family and friends. We thank him for loving us so much and blessing us with 2 amazing children. We are serving an amazing God.


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